Where are you headed?

4 days.  Two mountain passes over 13,000 feet.  You are walking back in time.  But, your plans to complete the journey will be history if you are not in shape. 

The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

7 days.  14,000 feet of elevation gain.  14,000 feet of elevation loss at altitude.  The view from the summit is legendary....if you make it (nearly 50 percent of people don't).  


Are you taking a trip not listed on our website?  That's okay because we can write a custom plan just for you.  Whether you are hiking, cycling, skiing, swimming, rafting, kayaking, or something else, we can help. 

Choose you own Adventure

5 days.  45-pound backpack.  4000-feet elevation gain.  4000-foot elevation loss.  When you get to the bottom, there are only two ways out...your legs or in the back of a helicopter.  

The Grand Canyon

6 days. Hours of cycling with thousands of feet of climbing.  Can be the trip of a lifetime or it can be torture.   

The Alps

35 days.  More than 500 total miles.  Averaging 17 miles per day.  A pilgrimage taken by more than 300,000 per year.  The more you prepare now, the better your journey will be. 

The Camino 

de Santiago

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